'Stat' from the Latin word 'statim' = now
We craft innovative AI solutions at lightening speed.

Our Vision

In a world where traditional business models focus on building moats, we believe in constructing a coral reef. An interconnected, robust, and resilient ecosystem where every piece of technology thrives, adapts, and grows, all at lightning speed.


Much like the principles of coral reef growth, our approach to AI is based on rapid adaptation, resilience, and interconnectedness.


The only constant in the tech world is change. Therefore, we have designed AI solutions to be as flexible and adaptable as possible.


We believe in the power of collaboration and the concept of shared success. True innovation is a collaborative endeavor.

Our Approach

We innovate through AI, fostering rapid adaptation and resilient solutions, while fully collaborating and consulting with you to jointly navigate the path to success.


Our AI solutions are as diverse as the species that inhabit a coral reef. We're working across sectors, from education to healthcare, to create AI solutions that drive growth and transformation.


Developed our own apps such as Chatfables that disrupts a new entertainment market worth billions.


AI-based micro-moments learning systems designed to reflect the lifestyle of today's students such as 'Sortid'


AI-SaaS marketing solutions built for any sector or niche. What took months we do in weeks giving us first mover advantage.

Contact Us

We grow if you grow. Contact us to unlock the potential of AI for your business. Or to discuss investment opportunities. Together, we can cultivate an ecosystem of innovation, efficiency, and success. Your growth in the AI age is our shared victory.